Artist and photographer based in Cologne/ Germany (*1981)

2019 – 2020 Mentorship – 3rd circle of "Parallel – European Photo Based Platform"
2016 Guest lectures / Mischa Kuball – "Academy of Media Arts Cologne" Cologne/ Germany
2001 – 2007 Academic Studies of photodesign at "ecosign/ Akademie für Gestaltung" in Cologne/
Germany – focus on artistic photography
2007 Diploma in design/ photo design ("sollbruchstelle") with Thomas Zika

work experience
2018 Residency – "Massia Officinale" – Massiaru/ Estonia

Assistance to Adrian T Kubica, Robin Preston, Tania Walck, Tomas Rodriguez, Jörg Hejkal,
lindemannFotodesign, susanne troll fotografie, Marcus Pietrek and others

2007 Participation at "Cologne Kunstverein" (art association) – Cologne/ Germany
2007 Internship at "fotografie tomas rodriguez" (photographer) – Cologne/ Germany
2004 Internship at "Fotografie Jörg Hejkal" (photographer) – Cologne/ Germany