Artist and photographer based in Cologne I Germany (*1981)

2016 Guest lectures / Mischa Kuball – Academy of Media Arts Cologne / Germany
2001 – 2007 Academic Studies of photodesign at „ecosign/ Akademie für Gestaltung“ in Cologne /
Germany – focus on artistic photography
2007 Diploma in design/ photo design („sollbruchstelle“) with Thomas Zika

work experience
2018 Residency – Massia Officinale, Massiaru, Estonia

Assistance to Adrian T Kubica, Robin Preston, Tania Walck, Tomas Rodriguez, Jörg Hejkal,
lindemannFotodesign, susanne troll fotografie, Marcus Pietrek and others

2007 Participation at Cologne Kunstverein (art association)
2007 Internship at „fotografie tomas rodriguez“ (photographer)
2004 Internship at „Fotografie Jörg Hejkal“ (photographer)